What Is Seaglass

Seaglass is peices of glass which are found washed up on the beach. The long that they have been in the sea the more forsed and smoothed off they become.All of our seaglass comes from Seaham which is a hotspot for seagass.

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Amazing Seaglass
Hand Picked on North East Beaches

Hand Picked UK Seaglass

Touch Of Love

Recycled Seaglass

Seaglass has many uses from bespoke jewlerry to decoration

Is SeaGlass
Easy To Find

Depnding Where you look, finding seaglass can be easy or vers difficult. At Seaham there was an old glass factory which shut back in the 1920's and they would dump glass into the North Sea daily, making Seaham Seaglass slightly easier to find. But it can be a very painstaking process to find any in large quantity, as with every wave that the seabring in or takes out the beach changes.

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